Kate Ceberano Autobiography ‘I’m Talking’

Kate Ceberano has spent the past year putting her life into words for her autobiography ‘I’m Talking’.

Journalist Tom Gilling co-authored ‘I’m Talking’ with Kate. The title is a reference to his 80s band. I’m Talking gave Kate her first Top 10 hit with ‘Trust Me’ in December, 1984. The band released the top 20 album ‘Bear Witness (1986) and delivered a string of hits including ‘Lead The Way’ (no 24, 1985), ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’ (no 21, 1985), ‘Do You Wanna Be’ (no 8, 1986) and ‘Holy Word’ (no 9, 1986).

Prior to I’m Talking, Kate was a backing singer for Models. She sang on ‘Barbados’ and ‘Out Of Mind, Out of Sight’. As a solo artist Kate Ceberano had hits with ‘Bedroom Eyes’ (no 2, 1989), ‘Love Dimension’ (no 14, 1989), ‘Brave’ (no. 15, 1989) and ‘Pash’ (no. 9, 1998) as well as her cover of ‘Everything’s Alright’ (with John Farnham and Jon Stevens) (no 6, 1992).

Kate Ceberano’s ‘I’m Talking’ will be available from March 25, 2014.

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