K25: Kylie Minogue ‘My Year As Aphrodite’

Join Kylie Minogue backstage and on the road as she tours the world with her ground-breaking Aphrodite – Les Folies tour. On opening night in Denmark The Daily Star said: “The .. pop princess set a new benchmark for arena shows with Les Folies and redefined the term ‘spectacular’ along the way. Don’t miss it!!”  This documentary follows Kylie, the cast and crew from the conceptualisation of the tour, right through rehearsals and their six months on the road ~ kylie.com

2 thoughts on “K25: Kylie Minogue ‘My Year As Aphrodite’

  1. This is just totally amazing I LOVE KYLIE <3 thank you so much for sharing this. I have only ever been to a few concerts in my life 5 KYLIE concerts Mind Blowing Stuff + Guy Sebastian & Styl-Plus. TOTALLY Beautiful Blogs. Awesome job! love niki @ NKS Entertainment Sydney :D

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