K25: Kylie Minogue ‘Finer Feelings’ Teaser Clip!

#K25 – the Twitter hashtag used by Kylie Minogue fans around the world to highlight the big anniversary year, today January 25 (UK time), Kylie will be revealing all! If this video is anything to go by, diehard fans who have stuck thick with their girl for the last 25 years are about to be rewarded in a very very BIG way! Reports suggest that should the tweet count for #K25Fans reach 25,000 from 7pm tonight, Kylie will unlock the entire video for fans! Get tweeting peoples! 

“Very big things happening tomorrow! Stay tuned to Kylie.com to see it all unravel… To whet your appetite please check out this sneak peak of one of the surprises we have in store for you!” ~ Kylie.com 

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