OUR Pop Princess KYLIE MINOGUE has made an astounding appearance at Sydney’s Mardi Gras! Celebrating a sparkling silver 25 years in the business, Kylie added not only her musical touch but also a tonne of glitter and diamonds to one of Sydney’s biggest celebrations. 

As the guest of honour, Kylie performed for the home crowd and dazzled in amazing costumes. Witnessed by over 300,000 spectators, Kylie showed her support for equal rights for gay and lesbian couples and how her connection with the community is the strongest it has ever been. Australia united with it’s Pop Queen for one massive party on Sydney’s Oxford Street. 
Kylie said: “Of course I believe that it should be legalised. I always say, love is love is love.
“Hopefully whatever hurdles or obstacles are in the way can soon be banished, that would be great.
“It’s such a great way to celebrate the relationship between the gay community and myself and everything we have been through together.” 

Here are some amazing pictures by Eva Rinaldi – Kylie tweeting to the world her joy at her ‘Homecoming Queen’ status.
“Still simply cannot believe the amount of people who were in or helped create the K25 float. #shouldbesleepingbynow.

‘Happy Mardi Gras. Love, love and LOVE!!!.

“That. was. epic.

“Thank you to everyone who participated in the K25 Mardi Gras floats….#incredible.”
Kylie tweeted a picture of her multi-printed dress then wrote: “Pucci gives #BACK!!! @SydneyMardiGras.”

“ThkU THANK YOU @SydneyMardiGras & Mardigrasland… YOU were amazing… I am #happytiredwiredrelievedamazedgrateful.

Welcome Home Darlin’. 


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