‘Jinilicious’ Queer Film Needs Your Help!

These filmmakers are based in Brisbane and the project is called Jinilicious – they need your help!

When Sarah-Belle Paulsey falls flat on her face during a performance and loses her job, she meets Dr Charlies Daiper, a biochemical engineer who has developed a new drug that he calls “Genie in a Bottle”.  Intrigued, Sarah-Belle and her gay bartender friend, Sandy, take the drug and they wake up the next morning with special powers.  However, it has also turned Sandy straight.  Sarah-Belle and Sandy must search for Dr Daiper, who has mysteriously gone missing, in order to reverse the effects and get Sandy back to “normal”.  Along the way they get help from unlikely places, including a lesbian ninja, and must battle rogue government agents who are also searching for the scientist.

The aim of the crowdfunding is:
To raise $7,000 to shoot a kick ass extended teaser trailer (7 minutes) for a mini-series that is a delicious twist on the comic book super hero genre.

More info:
Because of its setting and its characters, Jinilicious provides a real opportunity to build confidence and esteem in a community that is still fighting for its right to exist against those who would, through ignorance, have it destroyed.  Now it sounds like a super hero story right?

Gay Rights are Human Rights
The fight for gay marriage is more than just the right to have a ceremony and a party.  It is a fight to be accepted for who you are and an acknowledgement that we all have a right to be here on this planet. 

We’re sure that a series about a drag queen super hero will stir a few things up for some people.

While it’s pure entertainment there will be some interesting messages and points of view, such as reverse discrimination, having to come out straight, and what if there was a drug that could change your sexuality?  Would you take it?

Equally important, is the fact that Queensland has a lot of film talent but not as much support in comparison to what is available in the rest of the country.

Out of the $500,000 the Federal Government provided in completion funds for short films in 2011/12 Queensland filmmakers recieved NOTHING. 

So you will be helping some great Australian talent to get an opportunity to make a film.

It should also be a lot of fun and based on the last film we made (Silver Stiletto) which screened at over 17 film festivals world wide and won 3 awards, we know we can make something that will rival the best in the world.

We just need some financial help getting there.

What You Get
We have some unique perks that you can buy which includes MERCHANDISE.  You will also be buying OPPORTUNITY for emerging artists and for those of you who just want to support we can also offer you GOOD WILL, eternal gratitude and many positive vibes.

We will be producing: postcards, gift cards with inappropriate drag comments from the series, a graphic sort of novel of the treatment.

An exclusive collectors “first look” version of the pilot script with artwork. 

We will also be selling Macho Underwear – a brand of Spanish underwear that we will be using in the production and we have stock available to sell. 

For those living in Australia or who are willing to travel to Brisbane, you will have the opportunity to purchase tickets to a cast and crew party/screening of the pilot. An opportunity to have your face (via a photo) in the production design. Anyone who seriously wants to help out with a big contribution can get an Executive Credit on the film. 

There are also opportunities to purchase copyright in the trailer itself for those who want to make a substantial contribution (over $2,000) and would like to be able to claim it on tax through Division 40 (depreciating asset), contact Craig Rossiter at craig@ignitionfilms.com.au to discuss.

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