Jewel’s New Album Sequel to ‘Pieces of You’

Jewel is creating a companion record to her debut album ‘Pieces of You’.
The 39-year-old released her first solo LP Pieces of You, which featured timeless single You Were Meant for Me, written by Steve Poltz, in 1995 to great critical acclaim.
And the folk crooner reveals she is currently working on new music that hearkens back to her Nineties heyday.
‘I wanted to create a companion album to my first record, Pieces of You. I have spent the past few months recording and writing the material and really letting it come to life on its own-letting the songs be what they become and not forcing anything,’ she told America’s OK! magazine. ‘I wasn’t thinking about being commercial or creating songs for radio, just great stories and moments captured in a live studio setting that came from songs that I have written that move me. I also recorded a live acoustic concert in Nashville as well. The record will be a combination of the two live recordings, much like pieces was for me in the very beginning.’
Jewel went on to explain she is paying homage in new songs to a number of genres that have influenced her over the years.
But she doesn’t know exactly when fans will be hearing fresh singles.

‘It’s folk, country, and everything in between,’ she detailed.

‘Not sure [when the first single will reach fans]! We are hoping to have the album released in the spring of 2015.’
Jewel is mother to two-year-old son Kase with her rodeo cowboy husband Ty Murray. She and her family live on a ranch together in Texas.

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