Perth-based band Jamaica Scream has just released their new track See It In My Eyes, the follow-up to their hit Mad For You which did great things for the band, getting a lot of support from commercial and community radio networks and plenty of playlist additions on various streaming sites. Mad For You was an impressive mix of a contemporary indie-rock sound blended to some thought-provoking social commentary, a song that explored the dangers of addiction. It featured a particularly poignant lyric written by lead vocalist and main songwriter Dom Muscadere. See It In My Eyes traverses similar territory from a sonic standpoint, it’s a straight-ahead rock track with some added textural embellishments including some vibrant sax lines and tasteful guitar playing but is less obvious from a conceptual point of view. The track has a full sound, the mix has a clarity yet retains an indie-rock urgency. Another interesting aspect of this new record is the arrangement; it doesn’t stick to the same tried and tested organisation of parts but contains a few surprises, the song building to a chant-infused refrain at the end. Dom Muscadere displays a similarly adept vocal performance as revealed in Mad For You, showcasing his powerhouse voice and astute awareness of dynamics. The song can be read as a love song but there is more to it than that. As Muscadere has said of the song, ‘It’s about the wholesome goodness of family values coupled with the ability for all of us to enjoy passionate relationships’. And this idea is examined further, focusing on the tension that’s created by trying to maintain this fine balance. See It In My Eyes will no doubt achieve the same level of success as Mad For You and is a great preview of what this new Australian rock band has in store on their debut album.


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