It’s Mate v Mate v Cancer.

Mate V Mate is a Cancer Council campaign aimed at encouraging men to challenge each other and raise money to fight cancer in men.

Mate V Mate week is March 16 – 24, 2013.
Mate V Mate has been created as a simple, fun way to raise awareness of the issues around the cancers that affect one in two men, and as a way for mates to get together and help raise money to fight those cancers.
Mate V Mate encourages males to challenge each other to an activity in the last week of March eg – a 5km run, swim, push-up competition or a round of gold. Their mates will ‘back them’ with all funds raised going to Cancer Council NSW.
  • One in two men will get cancer in their lifetime in comparison to one in three women. Despite this strong statistic, cancer in men does not have the same awareness levels or funding as women’s cancers.
  • Compared to women, Australian men are over 80% more likely to die of preventable cancers that are common to both.
  •  Men don’t talk about their health as openly as women and are less likely to go and get a check-up or speak to their mates if something is wrong.
  • Cancer Council NSW is committed to raising funds for research and programs to help cancer in men become a thing of the past.
  • Mate V Mate is an easy way for guys to get involved, as well as a means by which dialogue can start between mates around prevention and awareness of cancer in men.
  • We need to raise awareness amongst men AND reduce the 1 in 2 odds by raising funds which will lead to further research into men’s cancer.    

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