Rise your vibe and intertwine your mind / like a vine rise up your spine / then you will find a divine line through / a bright light shines in you, says the chorus of Iluminative’s new release. The Australian rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer Iluminative has just given us another taste of his bold and fearless album, Kundalini Rising.

The Byron Bay-based music artist has broken through with this album, spearheaded by the extraordinary successes of his single releases, including Know Yourself, Sacred Temple, and Kundalini RisingGenius Code gives us rap, hip-hop and rock and puts a thoughtful, poetic spin on it, creating a unique blend of spirituality and contemporary rap. Throughout a ten-year career, Iluminative has featured on mainstream and online radio stations across the globe. With four albums and eight mixtapes under his belt, this multi-faceted artist has his sights firmly set on the next level with this latest single. 

Genius Code reveals Iluminative’s creative energy in all its glory, adventurous, slamming, and unforgettable. As another line says, We need real intelligence…we need to be real be really benevolent…instead of being not real artificial and malevolent, the new track declares. Timely and on point, concise yet maintaining Iluminative’s trademark artistic flourishes and trenchant observations—his spiritual call to arms. As the Byron Bay-based musician says, ‘I represent the esoteric, nature, the spiritual. This is not an image; my music is me.’ As two of Iluminative’s previous singles revealed—Kundalini Rising and Sacred Temple—the multi-talented musician,  producer, and songwriter characteristically focuses on an unflinching rap-rock base and colours it with a thought-provoking lyric. The track captures the nexus between Iluminative’s core considerations—veracity and innovation.

As Iluminative has said about his creative process, ‘I like to live my life first then write about important life experiences and topics, make them universal. I then find music instrumentals that are great and try to fit my writing into the instrumentals. I play around with melodies and pitch to see what works. At the end of the day, I stick with what works the best after experimenting.’ 


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