Icehouse To Play Melbourne’s Espy

Icehouse will be performing at the Espy in St Kilda Melbourne tomorrow night July 9th – a gig free of charge! 
The band made news recently after the release of a special free download, made available via their website. The download, an exclusive concert filmed at the very beginning of their music career.
Next on the cards for Icehouse is a greatest hits album titled White Heat: 30 Hits which is due for release in August. The disc to feature a double CD set with 15 tracks going all the way back to the album Flowers. The release will also present a DVD for fans with all of Icehouse’ music videos.
Iva Davies made the following statement:

“Following the release of the Flowers ICEHOUSE 30th Anniversary edition earlier this year, I was overwhelmed by the incredible amount of support and enthusiasm there was out there for the entire ICEHOUSE catalogue. Many of the requests for what to put out next focused around some of the compilations we had released in the past.

“I looked at the past sets and realised that there had never been a collection of every single we’d ever released throughout the history of the band nor a DVD compilation of every clip so that’s what we decided to do. Our criteria for the inclusion of tracks was that they had to have been released somewhere in the World as a single AND have had a clip made for them (in a couple of cases, two clips!).

“Now that is all together, I’m truly excited about releasing an album with these songs that fans have loved over the years and which were the focus of the different albums. This will be the first time that the majority of these recordings will be available to be legitimately downloaded through iTunes and other digital retailers as well a 3-disc packaging in retail stores. It is great that people who may only know ICEHOUSE by one or two of the songs will be able to explore the other recordings as well.

“The DVD of all the clips brought back many memories of all the people who participated in ICEHOUSE’s success and is a fun look over the past 30 years of music and video making for me.

“I hope everyone enjoys having all our Hits in one place at long last”.

Icehouse – Crazy

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