Gurrumul’s BBC Breakfast and Diamond Jubilee!

Australia’s Gurrumul and friend Michael Hohnen made a very special appearance on UK show BBC Breakfast to chat about Gurrumul’s music, their performance for the Queen and give viewers an amazing rendition of Gurrumul’s ‘Bapa’.

When asked about his invitation to perform for the Queen, Gurrumul replied “I am very happy, and my Aunties and my family are very proud of me representing Australia in the celebration of a long, long time knowing our queen. I have written a chorus “Guywuyarra miyamarrana” in my language meaning – sing loud sing clear sing strong – for the song “Sing”, and I hope she (Her Majesty) likes it. And I also wanted to thank Gary Barlow – he made this song and trip very special.”

These are some images of Gurrumul as he prepared to share the stage with Gary Barlow to perform ‘Sing’. The track written by Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber with Gurrumul singing the chorus ‘Guywuyarra Miyamarrana’ which in the Yolngu language translates to ‘sing loud, sing clear, sing strong’… Gurrumul meet up with Elton John, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder just to name a few! Gurrumul’s an amazing Aussie talent who continues to win the hearts and music minds of fans all around the world.

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