Goodbye Carly Manning: DAYS fires Crystal Chappell

Crystal Chappell announced via Twitter that her contact on Days of Our Lives would not be renewed. News such as this has brought the show into further turmoil. Fans are not liking the decision, but Ken Corday has hinted that the show is about to ‘go back to basics’. Can we really trust him this time?

Check out this article on Daytime Confidential for all the news on Crystal’s firing.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Carly Manning: DAYS fires Crystal Chappell”

  1. The Carly and Bo love affair was pretty special. I think DOOL can benefit from a 'Brooke/Taylor' Bold and the Beautiful like triangle with Bo. Just maybe might come back…you never know what could happen.

  2. Ken Corday is totally nuts. Crystal Chappell's Carly won the hearts of thousands of fans, that are so disappointed in her leaving. I will not watch the show until Carly returns. The love that Bo and Carly shared was a model for the world we live in, to follow. Although they are apart right now, you can see that Peter Reckell's Bo still maintains the love for Carly that developed more than 20 years ago. Regardless that Hope is back. Bring Carly back; the love and relationship that she and Bo shared was “just magic”.

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