Feb 2, 2017: The Morning Show 98.9 North West FM with special guests Jason Singh, Rachel Costanzo & Zain Mitchlan.

This week on The Morning Show special guests Jason Singh (Taxiride), Rachel Costanzo and Zain Mitchlan join in the fun and frivolity on 98.9 North West FM. We get the lowdown on an up and coming Taxiride gig from Jason, plus Rachel and Zain co-host the second hour and introduce our listeners to their new singles ‘Start Again’ and ‘Stand’. Always a barrel of laughs on this show, all this plus the best in new music, two Australian premieres thrown in with some classic Throwback Thursday tunes! Listen out for hot new tracks from Fly By Midnight and Smith and Thell – sooooo good!

Listen to the podcast! >>


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