EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL: Lady Gaga And The Live House of Melbourne Monsters!

LADY GAGA and her house of little Melbourne monsters were in full vocal flight at Rod Laver Arena last night. Fans jam-packed the stadium to watch their ‘freak bitch baby’ prance on stage, bare her paws and wave her flesh to the tune of her chart topping music. We got all the hits… You & I, Marry The Night, Born This Way, The Edge Of Glory, Judas, Alejandro, Telephone, Paparazzi, Just Dance, Bad Romance, Poker Face and more!
The costumes were outrageous and loud, the fans loved it. I was heavily flanked by two security guards in the seats I was in, really I was no threat to anyone, particularly Miss Gaga herself, the view was side to the stage and in complete prime position for all the backstage costume changes… The security joked with me, ’15 costume changes she’s had, that’s it, I think she’s finished…’ Within minutes, Lady Gaga was back on deck to perform her two closing tracks, the biggest one Marry The Night, I turned to the security guards and smiled. ‘You were right’ he said, ‘When Prince was supposed to finish the other week he sang another 7 songs!’ I looked at him in fake surprise. As if Lady Gaga was going to finish on time, this woman runs her own show and that she did, the crowd deliriously enjoying what the ‘Lady’ herself was dishing up.
Chloe, the young girl who was called up on stage at the end was beside herself. I don’t think she really quite understood what in Lord’s name was happening or about to happen to her. At first she hesitated, then she cried, the crowd cheered (in a good way) then on she went to skip and dance around the stage’s catwalk and Marry The Night away with Lady Gaga. A dream come true.
There were crazy t-shirts, mad hairstyles, leather-clad bikies and a mix of gay, straight and God knows what. Seating was optional, nobody near me sat for more than five seconds, it was intermission, a quick 10 second costume change into a meaty flesh dress and we were all back into it again.
I hope you enjoy my Lady Gaga picture and video special of The Born This Way BallThis was an amazing show, one that was bright, colourful, energetic and every little bit special. As I headed home flicking through the tour program, I came to the conclusion that Lady Gaga was one of, if not the most engaging with all her fans. This to me is special enough in itself to want to love her even more. You will see exactly what I mean when you watch these videos on the blog, at one stage I thought I was stuck in the middle of a Lady Gaga garage sale when fans literally threw their shit on stage to her, Gaga obliged, she tried on clothes, wore handmade headpieces and collected flowers. Very special, amazingly beautiful.

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  1. Nobody (with the exception of Kylie) puts on a show quite like Gaga. She's one-of-a-kind. Definitely loves her fans. New York City's very proud of our hometown girl!

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