Exclusive Special Interview: Pierce Brothers!

theaussieword.com catches up with the very talented Pierce Brothers for a special exclusive interview!

What can you tell our readers about you? How and where did it all begin?
We started when our older siblings started playing music. Naturally, we were interested. We loved Paul Kelly from the get go and naturally started playing folk!
What had you first interested in music?
Pearl Jam. Our older brothers instilled this in us in 93 when we were young and impressionable. They played guitar so we wanted to be cool just like them! Our parents always love Paul Kelly (HOW DOESN’T!) and so we starting singing as well!
Who motivates or influences your quest to make great music?
Paul Kelly is a great inspiration for song writing, as is many folk artists. Mainly we have always received great advice and support from our family and so we’ve been always able to follow our dream!
Do you have any planned tours coming up?
We’re heading up the east coast starting TOMORROW and then we’ll be heading over to Euopre later this year. We absolutely cannot wait!
What are some of your biggest goals you hope to accomplish as an artist?
Jack: I’d love to play the Forum one day, live shows are the whole reason we got into music in the first place! Lowlands music festival is a massive deal to us, it’s the opportunity to play on a massive stage and travel the world at the same time. What more could we want really? If we can keep doing just this, then I’m thrilled!
What can fans expect from you in the coming months?
We’ll be touring a lot, and writing. We may be recording while travelling, just to get some new demos out (we’re always trying to get time for the studio). So maybe some demos dropped on soundcloud or the odd live recording some new stuff. 
Success, what is the secret to it and what has been your biggest career highlight so far?
Success is being happy. Finding something you like and persuing that! IF we can enjoy what we do and find pride in it then we’re already successful! Being ambitious is different. While I believe we’re already successful, we certainly want to work harder and tour more. The secret is taking a chance at doing what makes you happy, and if you’re lucky finding a way to make a living from it!
Which stars of the music industry do you find inspiring?
You can tell through our stylistic choices in music that Mumford and Sons have been very influencial. I love the way that they craft their lyrics and build their songs. The most inspiring musician throughout our lives has to be Paul Kelly. He’s just remarkable.
How would you best describe you and your music to your fans?
We are an energetic pair of twins from Melbourne who play indie-folk whilst jumping around and singing lost of harmonies. We work on lyrics that grab people, that people can really feel..
What can you tell us about your latest album?
The latest EP “The Night Tree” we’ve taken it a little bigger than last efforts. The first single “It’s My Fault” is a very emotional song that is self reflective about those moments when you’ve eff-ed up! “Genevieve” was written for our sister, and we introduced some electric guitar into the mix. With a few country vibes in “Golden Times” and the live version of ”Blind Boys Run” mixed in with the Boy and Bear-esque of “Tallest Teepee In Town” I think this is a strong EP that our fans will enjoy! Can’t wait to get stuck into the next one!
Are there any new exciting projects in the works?
We’re working on Europe at the moment, and we’ll be announcing the full details soon.. As for music, there’ve been many sessions that we’re excited to get to work on and we will be letting everyone know soon once this tours over! We’re getting ahead of ourselves already! We’re writing as much as we can! More on that later this year 😉
The music industry is huge, where do you see yourself a few years from now?
Jack: Oh I have no idea! We’re not planning on fading out and starting other ventures, music is our passion at the moment and we’re planning on the idea that in 5 years we’ll still be doing just that! Although, it IS such a fickle industry that I’m not sure what the future will bring. There’s a good chance we’ll be back on Bourke St busking!
Name a few of your favourite Aussie artists.
Powderfinger L
Bernard Fanning
John Butler Trio
Paul Kelly
Boy and Bear
Angus and Julia Stone
The shape of the music industry has changed significantly over the years, including the use of social media, how do you feel about the industry as a whole and what does it mean to you in getting your records out into the public eye?
We’ve found that busking is a much more organic way of getting our music out in the public eye. While social media has certainly changed the way that the music industry and musicians interact with their fans, we try not to rely on it too much! In this way we certainly do utilise it’s advertising prowess but we always try to get out in the public to promote. We find that people really respond to this!
Thank you for the interview! What can you leave fans of theaussieword.com with here today?
Thanks so much for reading! Hopefully we can see you somewhere on this tour! We may even find a way to get a cheeky busk in in-between venues! xx

Website: www.piercebrothers.com.au

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