EXCLUSIVE: Kylie Minogue on The Voice AUS Red Carpet!

theaussieword.com EXCLUSIVE! 

Aussie fans rejoice, our girl Kylie Minogue is back home Down Under and my good friend Jade Iskra was there yesterday playing Kylie Minogue’s continuity at The Voice Australia’s red carpet event!

Looking absolutely stunning in Dolce, Kylie says that next week is “the big week” and when asked about new single Into The Blue, Kylie says “it’s been a long, long time coming and that she was a bit nervous”. Jade went in to bat for all of us fans telling Kylie that the new single was well received and that Roc Nation seem to be a great invigoration for her. Kylie was very thankful and that it meant so much to her to hear that….. Nice one Mr Iskra!  

Jade was also within the vicinity of latino heartthrob Ricky Martin… I won’t tell you what Jade said to me, but let’s just say producers had to pick Jade’s jaw up from off the ground. We believe Jade also has some exclusive Ricky Martin pics… theaussieword.com is onto it. Jade, please get cracking! We want photos! 

More images on our very special Kylie Minogue #Lovers Facebook page! Head over there, check them out and give us a LIKE!

Have no idea how Jade composed himself under such circumstances – very proud of you man! You can keep an eye on Jade through his Facebook, Twitter & Instagram channels… Jade loves a good stalker just like theaussieword.com loves a good exclusive, this one would have to take the cake so far in 2014.

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2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Kylie Minogue on The Voice AUS Red Carpet!

  1. So excited to have Kylie on The Voice Oz. Ratings have gone through the roof with her on The Voice UK. Love, love, love, love her new single “Into The Blue”. I just hope they (all record companies associated) bring forward the release date, otherwise by March 16th, the single will be exhausted. Same day release 27th January is what's needed. Kylie, you are amazing!!!!!!!!!

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