Double Bill: Big Al & The Centenarian

Michael Brasser Productions present the DOUBLE BILL: Big Al & The Centenarian.
Two Short Plays, One Ticket.

The critically acclaimed Big Al by Bryan Goluboff tells the story of what happens when two struggling writers in New York City are given the opportunity to write a screenplay for their idol, Al Pacino. Set in real time, follow Leo (Vincent Andriano) and Ricky (Shane Savage) as they develop their script and discover what they’re willing to sacrifice for success. 

From New York City to suburban Sydney, The Centenarian by Philip Ryall follows Shirl (Sarah Hallam) and Clive (Vincent Andriano) as they prepare for Gran’s 100th Birthday celebrations. With three hours before Gran makes her century, things take a turn for the worse and the couple hilariously navigate how to still throw the party and receive their inheritance.

Strictly Limited Season! February 2013.
Thursday 7th Feb 8pm (Gala Opening)
Friday 8th Feb 8pm
Saturday 9th Feb (Matinee) 3pm
Saturday 9th Feb 8pm
Sunday 10th Feb 6pm
12 Little Chapel St, Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria, 3181
$28 Full, (+Transaction Fee)
$24 Conc. (+Transaction Fee)
$24 Group10+ (+Transaction Fee)
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Big Al by Bryan Goluboff
Directed By: Sarah Hallam
Starring: Shane Savage & Vincent Andriano
The Centenarian by Philip RyallDirected By: Shane Savage
Starring: Sarah Hallam & Vincent Andriano

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Shane Savage 
(Associate Producer, Ricky in Big Al, Director – The Centenarian)
Since graduating from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama/Film), Shane went on to study full time at the Howard Fine Acting Studio under tuition from their esteemed L.A based faculty. Recent film work includes Dean in ‘Nevyr Love a Vampyr’ (Geoffrey Wright), Alex/Ray in ‘Semblance’ (Tom Shanan), Chris in webseries ‘Chris and Josh’ (Matt Smolen/Balloon Tree Productions) and film clips for Kimbra and Vanessa Amorosi. Recent theatre credits include Jack Novarro in Playing Rock Hudson, Herres in Maurice Guest (both with FLY-ON-THE-WALL Theatre), Dancer/vocalist in numerous variety shows and The Emcee in Cabaret, which earned Shane the peoples choice award for Best Supporting Actor and allowed him to reprise his role, opening the 2010 Lyrebird Awards ceremony with ‘Wilkommen’. Whilst studying at Deakin, Shane also ran student theatre company ‘BuST Co’, producing and directing several productions, including the Melbourne International Comedy Festivals sellout season of ‘PUNCHLINE’.
1. What has it been like being involved in this Production?
It has been an absolute blast! I’ve loved every second of it. I couldn’t dream of working with a greater team, everything is collaborative and we all speak the same language – which makes for no drama or politics!
2. Could you please give us a few words about your role(s) in the production?
Where to start? As well as being Associate Producer of the Double Bill, I’m also playing the role of Ricky in ‘Big Al’ and Directing ‘The Centenarian’.
3. How did you come to be a part of this?
This production is my baby. In a scene study class with Howard Fine last year he asked me to prepare a scene from ‘Big Al’. Ultimately, I ended up doing a completely different piece for Howard but I had already fallen in love with the script for ‘Big Al’. Nearing the end of my full time study last year I wanted to create my own work and approached some of my colleagues from the studio to join me in this new venture. After assembling the team I realized that I had stumbled upon my dream cast for a script that I had up my sleeve (since studying at Deakin University) and approached them with the idea of a Double Bill, with Sarah directing Vincent and myself in ‘Big Al’ by Bryan Goluboff and then I would direct both of them in ‘The Centenarian’. I knew that the scripts explored similar themes and would work well together, but it wasn’t until we began rehearsing and really dissecting the pieces that I realized just how well they complimented each other. Both follow the integral themes of love and sacrifice, and without giving too much away, mirror each other in terms of structure and conclusion within a hypothetical fantasy world created by the characters.
4. What does it mean to you to be presenting this work?
At the risk of sounding like a cliché, it means the absolute world to me. To be able to turn this project from concept in to reality is incredibly fulfilling and I’m so grateful to everybody that has helped in getting this project together. I have called on too many incredibly talented and creative friends to name them all, but special thanks must be made to Michael Brasser, my Executive Producer and all of the support and love coming from the Howard Fine Acting Studio.
SARAH HALLAM (Director – Big Al, Shirl in The Centenarian)
Sarah has just graduated from fulltime study at Howard Fine Acting Studios, but has been working extensively in the industry for the past 16 years. Sarah’s television acting credits include Rush, Neighbours, City Homicide, Canal Road, Stingers, Blue Heelers, and Scooter Secret Agent. Sarah was one of Straightjacket Theatre’s founding members and made her Directing debut in 2010 with MEN by Brendan Cowell. From there, Sarah went on to direct film clip ‘The Ballad of You, Me and Donnie McGee’ by Speed Orange (Nominated for Atom Awards’ Best Film Clip) and Directed the Rush Webisodes for Network Ten, in co-production with Southern Star. As well as acting and directing, Sarah has worked in casting with casting agents Faith Martin, Jodie Brearley, Christine King, Kate Leonard, Jo Rippon, Helen Salter, Mel Mackintosh, Kirsty McGregor, Toni Higginbotham, Fremantle Media, 2 Diva’s and Peta Einberg.

1. What has it been like being involved in this Production?

It’s very difficult as the cast don’t get along, there just seems to be a lack of electricity in the rehearsal room, and the possums in the roof seem to steal my thunder….however we do have air con to deal with Melbourne’s heat waves…and Shane has been providing cake at every rehearsal! This production has the luxury of working with the Howard Fine technique correctly as well as collaboratively, so rehearsals are challenging, rewarding and inspiring.

2. Could you please give us a few words about your role(s) in the


I’m directing Vincent and Shane in Bryan Goluboffs ‘Big Al’ and I’m also acting in Philip Ryall’s ‘The Centenarian”. They are one act plays; black comedy’s that face similar themes, as well as deal with the world in its natural state and the imaginary realm.  

3. How did you come to be a part of this?

2012… a year of kicking and screaming about the lack of work in Melbourne or rather the lack of auditions I can obtain,,,I decided to graduate from the Howard Fine Acting School and score myself a directing and acting gig to celebrate.

4. What does it mean to you be presenting this work?

To be able to put on work at Chapel off Chapel is a privilege. To work with Shane and Vincent who are so passionate, dedicated and talented is an absolute honor. As most of my work has been filming on set, being able to work in theater and be a part of the cultural fabric of Melb is very exciting. I believe that Theater makes a difference and changes and affects people  which is why I love doing what I do.

VINCENT ANDRIANO (Leo in Big Al, Clive in The Centenarian)
Vincent studied acting at NIDA during high school and since has appeared in several short films and television commercials. After graduating from Macquarie University, earning a Bachelor of Media in Screen Production and English Literature, Vincent studied at the Dov Simens Filmmaking School in New York before completing his post-graduate Certificate in Directing at the Australian Film, Television, and Radio School (AFTRS). For 3 years Vincent taught acting at ClubHouze Performing Arts Academy (formerly Brightstars). Some of Vincent’s theatre credits include ‘Sir Henry Baskerville’ in Hound of the Baskervilles, ‘Mr. Lucas’ in a stage adaptation of Are You Being Served?, ‘Cassius’ in Julius Caesar, and ‘Macbeth’ in Macbeth, as well as being a two-time Gala Grand Finalist in the Sydney Short + Sweet Theatre Festival. Vincent recently played the lead role in feature film ‘Brush’, which is currently moving through the international festival circuit recently winning Best Picture in the New Hope Film Festival Awards, USA. Vincent has just graduated the full-time program at the Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia.

1. What has it been like being involved in this Production?
I couldn’t effectively convey just how grateful and honoured I feel to be included in this production. My biggest challenge has been wrapping my head around playing two very complex and different characters in two very contrasting yet superb plays, back to back. However, the ‘team’ attitude shared by all involved has allowed me to safely and freely explore the jump from being a mentally-erratic, crazed fan of the great Pacino, into the socks-and-sandals of a downtrodden husband with a heart condition and a sudden case of life and death on his hands.    

2. Could you please give us a few words about your role(s) in the production? 
In ‘Big Al’ I am playing Leo, a suicidal yet eager young New York screenwriter, utterly obsessed with “one of the most gifted actors in the history of American film”, Al Pacino. In ‘The Centenarian’ I play Clive, an aging Aussie bloke and mortuary attendant that has to use his expertise dealing with dead people in a whole new way.
…Eh, all in a day’s work.

3. How did you come to be a part of this?
While studying full time at the Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia in 2012, I came to know both Shane Savage and Sarah Hallem as classmates and colleagues. One of the many great lessons we three took from the school was the advice to constantly pursue and create our own work. An inevitable collaboration amongst us students seemed to permeate in the atmosphere, particularly towards the end of the rather intense course. So, this project was born and, I’m sure, is the first of many to come.   

4. What does it mean to you to be presenting this work? 
Doing this production post full time study has given us the opportunity to instantly incorporate the lessons we learnt last year, outside the classroom. The techniques taught under the Howard Fine umbrella were those of a highly professional standard in preparation for what the industry expects of actors. I relish the chance to present this along side some of the most gifted people I’ve ever worked with, in one of the most accomplished theatre pieces I’ve ever been a part of. Doesn’t hurt that I’m also, incidentally, livin’ the actor’s dream, a.k.a working.

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MICHAEL BRASSER (Executive Producer)
1. What has it been like being involved in this Production?

Amazing! The whole team has so much passion and drive.

2. Could you please give us a few words about your role(s) in the production? As the executive producer I am the like the God father. Over seeing everything, not just paying the bills but over guidance to develop the best show we can.

3. How did you come to be a part of this?

Shane approached me last year with both of the fabulous scripts and after discussing them with him I learnt the passion he had. I got very excited and decided then and there to put it on.

4. What does it mean to you be presenting this work? I strongly believe that every deserves a chance in theatre. I love discovering new and inspiring  talent.

Thank you to Shane Savage and his entire crew who took some time out to assist with putting this interview together. To the people of Australia (especially Melbourne!!), get behind this amazing project. I’ll be seeing you down there.

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