Dawson’s Creek Reunion?

There’s a CHANCE we could soon be watching a Dawson’s Creek reunion with reports that Katie Holmes is on board.
According to reports, Holmes was banned by ex-husband Tom Cruise from taking part in the project, but now that they’ve divorced she’s keen to bring back the popular TV show which wrapped up in 2003.
The 35-year-old actor, who played Joey Potter in the teen series, is especially keen to bury the hatchet with co-star Michelle Williams who she clashed with on set.

“She wants to make amends with Michelle,” said an insider.
“Even though it’s arguable that Michelle was the main aggressor on the [Dawson’s Creek] set. Katie’s over all that now and she’s much more confident and stronger as a person and will let bygones be bygones.”
Joshua Jackson is also keen for a Dawson’s Creek reunion, but James Van Der Beek, who played Holmes’ love interest in the show, is not so open to the idea.
Speaking to CNN in 2012, Van Der Beek said, “Nobody is writing it, nobody’s producing it. It’s just stupid.”
…Dawson, stop being a nerd and get this Capeside group together!
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