Contemporary Art at NGV Melbourne!

This is why I love Melbourne. So many amazing forms of art to be witnessed at Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria. Popped in for a look at the latest rehang in Contemporary Art spaces, I was totally blown away. There was gravity defying video tape being held up by two pedestal fans installed by Zilvina Kempinas (check out my cool little video of the fans!) …a collection of extremely colourful shoes interpreted by Jeremy Scott for Adidas… There were even a funky pair of New Balance just to name a few. There was a photograph of Nick Cave sporting a full body stocking and a blue wig by Polly Borland! But wait for it…there was a table with four chairs by Rirkrit Tiravanija, all he had placed on it was a Thai newspaper and what seemed to be a silver pot …However, if you were there on the dot of 12pm on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, four people would be invited to sit at the table and enjoy Thai take away food which would be served up for lunch! YES, you could actually eat it! Not only do you get to witness the art but be a part of it! That’s Melbourne!

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