Cold Chisel To Release 1979 Melbourne Show As Live Album

The next Cold Chisel archival ‘Live Tape’ will be from a 1979 show from Melbourne‘s Bombay Rock.
To put time frame for the album into perspective ‘The Live Tapes – Volume 2 – Live At The Bombay Rock’ was recorded one month of Cold Chisel’s second album ‘Breakfast At Sweethearts’ was released. The first album failed to make the album chart and did not generate any hits (although Khe Sahn did go on to become an Australian rock classic). ‘Breakfast At Sweethearts’ did break Chisel into the Top 10 albums, peaking at number 4, but again did not generate any hits at the time (although both Goodbye Astrid (Goodbye)’ and the title track became staples of the Chisel live set.

On April 29, 1979, when the concert took place, Australia was still more than a year away from its first commercial FM radio station. Melbourne based EON-FM (now MMMFM) was the first commercial FM to go to air in July 1980 with Peter Grace hosting the first broadcast. Chisel’s show was broadcast on the then number one station in Melbourne, AM station 3XY.
‘The Live Tapes – Volume 2 – Live At Bombay Rock’ will be released on November 14, 2014.
The tracklisting is:
1. Shipping Steel

2. Home and Broken Hearted

3. Dresden

4. Conversations

5. Showtime

6. The Door

7. Breakfast at Sweethearts

8. Plaza

9. One Long Day

10. Merry-Go-Round

11. Wild Thing

12. Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye)

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