Celebrities Who’d Be Better Off Playing Casino Out Of Public Eye!

Part of being a celebrity is having the world and his wife knowing what you’re up to – whether you’re at work, at home or out on the town. Most celebs love the attention that they get from fans wherever they may be, but one place where a celeb might not always appreciate the limelight is when they’re on a losing streak at the casino gaming tables.

There are some celebs who can’t seem to get enough of playing casino. As well as a number of Hollywood actors being famous for their gambling antics, there are plenty of sporting celebs who gamble too. Perhaps it’s something to do with their strong competitive edge that many athletes don’t know when to quit when they’re losing at casino games.

For the celebs who don’t like losing in public, there is an alternative though. Playing online at a site like, BGO, 888 or 32Red online casino not only means you can play anytime, wherever you want to; it also gives you anonymity. It’s also perfect for us ‘normal’ folk who don’t have the time or funds to make trips to Vegas!

Many gaming celebs must play online to get their dose of casino. As well as having the freedom to play unobserved, it must be a great way of passing the time when you’re waiting around on a movie set, or travelling from one sporting venue to another. So who are these celeb gamblers who could benefit from playing online?

Michael Phelps is the best swimmer the world has ever seen, and his drive to win is what must have helped him gain the most Olympic medals one person has ever won. However, when it comes to playing poker, it’s alleged that he doesn’t know when to quit. Friends say his gambling losses have been huge, but that hasn’t stopped him taking part in big events like a World Series of Poker festival last year.

Ben Affleck has long been known for his love of gambling. He’s even starred in a movie about online gambling – Runner Runner which was released last summer. Affleck has very big successes at the blackjack and poker tables in Las Vegas casinos. On one trip he played blackjack so well one night that he took home an $800,000 profit. But he’s also had some big losses. Most recently, it was a loss of pride when he was caught card counting at the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas. Although Affleck has been banned by the Hard Rock from playing any more blackjack there, the management say he’s still welcome to come and play other games.

Golfing legend Tiger Woods has been through the media mill during the years he was discovered to have had affairs and then got divorced. In amongst all the information that his various mistresses handed over to the world’s press was that he would often bet up to $25,000 a hand on blackjack. He’s not the only golfer to enjoy casino gaming, though. John Daly is supposed to have lost between $50 million and $60 million while gaming.

Surely if you’ve had that much bad luck in public at the gaming tables you’d want to stay home and gamble in private instead?
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