DJ Rex’ Farwell 400’s Mix!

Luke McCluskie or some call him DJ Rex …others know him as @golfr1419 on Twitter… has sent his latest from Soundcloud titled Farwell 400’s – it’s a mix he’s called ‘summery with plenty of vocals‘. Luke is a Sydney based DJ who enjoys playing deep/funky vocal house. Grab a martini and give this one a listen. Uber cool!

Le Ombré The Show!

Le Ombré began it’s success in corporate theater over 4 years ago working with some of the worlds leading corporations.  From driving company messages, branding, launching products and exciting sales teams to creating thrilling gala and awards entertainment, Le Ombré has been the leader in silhouette performance in the corporate market. However, Le Ombré is more than just silhouettes in a screen.  The talented cast of Le Ombré is made up of a diverse group of the entertainment industries leading performers.  From world-class cirque acrobats and nationally touring dancers and singers to the most unique and inovative specialty performers, the action can fly over the audience, dance in spectacular costumes or vibrate your soul with unforgettable vocals. Le Ombré has recently opened its second 60 minute public show at Harrah’s in Atlantic City to rave reviews and is now available for tours, and public dates.

 ‘Images of the World’ is an inspiring show for all ages.  It tells the story of a young girl named Abby who finds an old suitcase in an antique shop.  However this suitcase is like no other as it holds within it the spirit of all the destinations it has traveled.   It takes the right person with ability to see others for who they really are on the inside to discover the true power of the bag. Just like the suitcase, Abby herself was plain and a little rough around the edges.  Most the time people never even took notice of her.  However, when she opens the suitcase, brilliant light and the sounds of far off lands emerge and Abby begins the journey of a life time! Visit the website here.

Bachelorette ‘Official Trailer’ & Win A Double Pass!

A group of three best friends since high school reunite in Manhattan for the wedding of their pal Becky (Rebel Wilson), who they cruelly nickname Pig Face. There’s the competitive, ice-queen Regan (Kirsten Dunst), who begrudgingly accepts her role as maid of honour despite her horror that her less-attractive friend is getting married before her; cynical wild-child Gena (Lizzy Caplan), who’s determined to confront her high school ex who broke her heart; and the ditzy Katie (Isla Fisher), who is all bubbly exterior until you scratch the surface. The single ladies are determined to put their bitterness aside and have an awesomely hedonistic bachelorette party. Armed with razor-sharp insults, a free spirit for fun and a pack of groomsmen, these modern femmes (or mean girls!) embark on one very long and emotional night of misadventure. Bachelorette is a sassy, funny and sometimes romantic ride that never forgets to celebrate the complexities of female friendship.
Aussie residents, you have a chance to win a double pass to see the film Bachelorette! To win, tweet @TheAussieWord and tell us why you love using the hashtag #Bachelorette

The Doctor’s Wife Official Trailer

Trailer for the Australian documentary The Doctor’s Wife directed by Jonathan Duffy and distributed by Guest House Films. This endearing documentary follows Duffy and his partner, Dr. Vincent Cornelisse, as the couple makes the angst-inducing decision to leave the Australian metropolis of Brisbane for Mundubbera, a small country town in Queensland. “The Doctor’s Wife” explores the couple’s journey, as a rural doctor and his partner who had never lived in the country before, as they move into the small town and wonder how they will be received. To their surprise, the town welcomes them with open arms, especially when Duffy becomes involved with a variety of local activities while Cornelisse focuses on his medical practice. The couple ultimately strikes a positive chord with the citizens, leaving everyone forever changed for the better. To support, visit here.