Darren Hayes: Secret Codes And Battle Ships Preview

Darren Hayes has given fans around the world a sneak preview into the brand new album Secret Codes And Battle Ships which is officially released in the UK on Oct 17 and Oct 21 for the rest of the world. The album boasts a beautiful sound, a tune with great beat. It’s what great records are made of, a sure hit.

Darren will showcase his best work to date at the upcoming tour of Australia – Melbourne’s Forum on November 2nd. Listening to the preview tonight sent shivers down the spine. They are new tunes with a ‘Spin’ and a touch of true Savage Garden sound. It’s an absolute masterpiece, an album you won’t want to miss! Take a look at the preview!

Darren Hayes – Secret Codes And Battle Ships
Sneak Preview

Darren Hayes on Kerri-Anne Australia

Darren Hayes on Kerri-Anne

Darren Hayes catches up with Kerri-Anne reporter Natalie Oliveri for a chat on all things Savage Garden, new music and new album Secret Codes and Battleships. Darren hints the new record has some familiar Savage Garden elements and also the sounds of a ‘Best Of’. Darren talks about the incredible support from his fans and how they have given him the strength throughout his journey. The encouragement means the world to him, and he means the world to us, especially when he is producing lines like this…

“I want to run away from this, 
but I’d never leave a sinking ship because without you in it, there’s no point to our story”

In other news for the Australian superstar, Darren Hayes was honoured when 1998 Savage Garden hit ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ was named the #1 Adult Contemporary Hit of all-time! Love this song!

Truly Madly Deeply (Live)