Melissa Tkautz ‘The Hits’ Big Announcement!

A BIG announcement from Australia’s Melissa Tkautz, the pop superstar will be revisiting her entire 20 year catalogue of hits and releasing Melissa Tkautz: ‘The Hits’ on August 10!! The album to feature all the hits, Sexy Is The Word, Read My Lips, Skin To Skin and more… Yes folks, that was a very excited squeal you just heard…

Australia Day 2012: "Barbie Girl" – Sam Kekovich, Melissa Tkautz & Justice Crew

This message from Sam Kekovich on Australia Day 2012…

“Pop culture’s now rife with unAustralian behaviour. Sam’s only antidote is to create ‘Chop Culture’ and go viral himself with his ‘chop song’: “Barbie Girl”. Help Sam get as many hits as possible for his chop hit Barbie Girl to get it to the top of the Nova Australia Day Countdown. You know it makes sense” 
(Starring pop starlet Melissa Tkautz, Australia’s Got Talent winners Justice Crew and pop guru Richard Wilkins).

Something About Melissa Tkautz

Melissa Tkautz, the Sexy Is The Word, Read My Lips and Skin To Skin hit maker is back with a new track ‘Something About You’. Melissa, best known for her television soap roles on E Street and Pacific Drive is making new music, this one a catchy pop dance track – just intime for the Aussie summer! Click READ MORE below to watch and listen to the preview.

Preview: Melissa Tkautz ‘ Something About You’