DAYS Flashback: Why We Love Crystal, Carly and Katerina

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Crystal Chappell steals the show yet again…(from a hospital bed)

Goodbye Carly Manning: DAYS fires Crystal Chappell

Crystal Chappell announced via Twitter that her contact on Days of Our Lives would not be renewed. News such as this has brought the show into further turmoil. Fans are not liking the decision, but Ken Corday has hinted that the show is about to ‘go back to basics’. Can we really trust him this time?

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Bren Foster – Martial Arts Meets Days of Our Lives

Bren Foster’s first scene in US soap Days of Our Lives was that of a bizarre moment. Portraying the character of Quinn on the show, Bren debuts onscreen with a sexy passing shot at Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) at the ‘Cheatin Heart’. When the two shack up back at Quinn’s hotel room, Chloe is stunned to wake the next morning and find an envelope of cash awaiting her. Did she just sell herself short as a prostitute? Quinn seemed to think so!
Bren comes from good stock, growing up in Australia with a huge background in martial arts. Bren spent time training in martial art studios whilst in Sydney as well as playing a part in ‘Travelling Warrior’. Bren’s mother, a huge fan of Days of Our Lives, is overwhelmed with the prospect of having her son on the show she has followed for generations. This video follows Bren as he goes from country to country, exploring the sights, the people, the food and most importantly for him; martial arts.