DOOL: Eileen Davidson Returns to DAYS!

October 11, 2012 marks the return of Eileen Davidson as Kristen Blake to Days of Our Lives!

Kristen was last ‘presumed dead’ in a drowning accident… but in true vintage soap opera style, Kristen is still very much alive on a deserted island… Looking forward to this one!

Click READ MORE to see Kristen’s final scenes on DAYS back in 1998 floating head down in a swimming pool…

Explosive Scenes On Days Of Our Lives!

My heart is still racing… Here are those final 56 seconds from Friday’s gripping landmark Days of Our Lives episode. DOOL has returned to traditional storytelling, a lavish fundraiser, a warehouse standoff and a mammoth explosion. The show coming to an end for two weeks due to Olympic coverage, fans left on the edge of their seats with the iconic soap showcasing some spectacular special effects in the episodes closing scenes. I’m sensing some major show changes when DAYS does return, we will be looking at a very different Salem. I feel many residents won’t be coming out of this one alive…… to be continued….