Baby Animals Comeback!

Paul Webster has been the eyes, ears and brain behind this special Baby Animals scoop at!

You would have to of been living under a rock to not to remember the Baby Animals – those hard rockers who made a huge impact on Australian music in the 90s. Their debut album spent six weeks at the top of the charts in the early 90s and spawned the singles ‘Early Warning’, ‘Rush You’, ‘Painless’ and ‘One Word’.
Their highly underrated second album, ‘Shaved and Dangerous’ was released in 1993 and while they continued to tour for a few more years, they officially disbanded in 1996. Apart from a brilliant solo release from Suze DeMarchi in the late 90s, it wasn’t until 2008 that the Baby Animals released ‘Il Grande Silenzio’ – an album of acoustic versions of some of their singles as well as new tracks. In 2009, with rumours of a comeback, they released the kick-ass song ‘Got it Bad’ –a raw, sweaty, retro rock track which laid the foundations for a vocal performance with attitude from Suze. According to their Facebook page, they will be going back into the studio in September!

Who isn’t ready for some more Baby Animals music? Looking forward to hear what comes out of their upcoming studio sessions. Follow them on Facebook Baby Animals Music and Twitter @TheBabyAnimals for gig updates and heaps of videos of past performances and some snippets of new stuff.
In the meantime, take a look back to where it all began – Early Warning:

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