Aussie Gaga Affair

Lady Gaga joined A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw tonight for a special Australian interview before a large national audience.
Gaga, dressed to impress with a loud mop of blue hair captivating the audience. She then later performed a couple of hits, Born This Way, Edge Of Glory and You And I to crowds rapturous applause. Gaga will perform in a special concert this Wednesday night at the Sydney ‘Monster’ Town Hall for a one night only show.
Lady Gaga – Born This Way, Edge Of Glory & You And I
LIVE – A Current Affair (Australia)

Lady Gaga’s A Current Affair Interview

2 thoughts on “Aussie Gaga Affair

  1. Gaga with just a piano and her voice Down Under. Amazing! NYC's most famous girl making us very proud here in the Big Apple.

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