Anita Spring: THEAUSSIEWORD.COM Single Review – Still a Child

Anita Spring’s last release This Ain’t Pretty attracted a lot of media attention and her new track Still a Child is sure to do the same. The new single is another country-pop blast with an engaging lyric and an unforgettable chorus melody. Anita has quite a history in Australian music and has experienced the positives and the pitfalls of the music industry. As Anita has said, ‘I was signed to Universal Music as a pop artist and despite some early success, like for so many others, my time in that machine came to an end. I reflect back on that period so fondly. I was given four years of magical experiences that I will always be grateful for and it’s led to many musical relationships, most of whom I collaborate with today’. Anita has a long list of impressive musical collaborators and affiliates which include Gary Kemp (Spandau Ballet) John Holiday and Trevor Steel (Escape Club) Grammy Award-winning Doug Gills, Mark Narmore (Reba McEntire, Shenandoah) Powderfinger, Vanessa Amorosi, Tina Arena, Christine Anu, Ian Moss, Joe Camilleri and Ross Wilson. Still a Child contains all the hallmarks of Anita’s hybrid style, skilfully aligning traditional embellishments with contemporary pop aesthetics. And there’s also quite a driving edge to this new track, especially in the chorus, which you’ll be singing the instant you hear it. The new track is a great follow-up to This Ain’t Pretty, which explored themes of relationships; this time Anita’s focus is a self-reflective one, as though in reaction to the subject matter of the other, the other is now herself. The sound of the record is polished yet filled with dynamics and great performances all round, and including Anita’s expressive style, there is also some tasteful guitar work and exquisite vocal harmonies that give the track a resplendent all over sheen. Still a Child is a strong addition to Anita Spring’s growing list of achievements.


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