"A Load Of Rubbish" – KYLIE Says NO To Botox.

Let’s just keep this post short and sweet shall we… Kylie Minogue has come out and dismissed all reports of her undergoing Botox treatments. Her words exactly… “A load of rubbish”. 
Kylie tweeted: So, I have been filmed out in public the last 3 nights & suddenly it is ‘reported’ I cannot move my face????? What a load of rubbish. Annoying.”
Leave OUR girl alone. 
She’s looking a million dollars in these snaps… 

3 thoughts on “"A Load Of Rubbish" – KYLIE Says NO To Botox.

  1. Kylie…you are simply beautiful. Don't let anyone put you down. You are special to me and my rolemodel. I believe in you Kylie, forever and always. I love you xxxxxx

  2. ALL KYLIE HATERS…LEAVE HER ALONE! She is the best singer in the world. She is my idol, rolemodel and a stunning and beautiful woman. She is incredible, talented and inspirational. She doesnt deserve any of this rubbish from the press. I listen to her music all the time and I'm her BIGGEST fan, shes all I ever go on about. She inspires me. I love you so much honey. Kylie…you are the best! Love you forever!<3xxx

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