THEAUSSIEWORD.COM Single Review: JOSH ORANGE – Little Miss America

Little Miss America is the new track for Sydney based alt-folk rock band Josh Orange. Their last release I Will Follow Yougot a lot of attention and this new one will no doubt do the same. They have an accessible sound that is alluring for its amalgamation of folk and rock elements and they certainly know how to write a stirring song. Both I Will Follow You and Little Miss America are taken from the band’s upcoming album Midnight Lights due out in early 2021. Josh Orange, whose members are Gordon Burke (vocals/acoustic/keys), Andrew Wass (guitars/vocals), Blaine Munnings (bass guitar), Alex Miller (drums) and Shane McLaughlin (guitars) has released three albums, Songs for the JourneyBig Day Tomorrow and Eyes Wide Open and has also won wide acclaim including winning the rock category prize in 2015’s The Great American Song Contest. Little Miss America features a poignant lyric that utilises the story telling style to great effect. With the opening line instantly painting a picture, the listener is immediately transported to another world, with the music a kind of cinematic layer holding it all in place. As the band has said about their creative process: ‘People inspire us, everyday people that make us feel like we are part of the gang. Connection is hugely important to us’. Little Miss America features the sound of a live band, there is an exquisite rawness about it, yet the record is peppered with dynamics and a sophisticated edge too. As the band has said about their creative process: ‘There is a formula but it changes with each album, as a band we are always in different places mentally when we work a new album and things are always different, but we tend to find a stride that works for each album and we stick to it. The song writing process for each album also changes and develops but there tends to be a structure for the process each time’. Little Miss America is moving, enticing folk-rock from a band about to hit the next level of your career.


THEAUSSIEWORD.COM Single Review: Angelika Ates – Hearts Alight

Sydney sider Angelika Ates has just released Hearts Alight, the follow-up to her successful debut track Deadline. This emerging music artist combines elements of EDM, pop and traditional sounds to create a lush and vibrant contemporary style, one that centres on Angelika’s evocative vocal and impressive song writing skills. Hearts Alight is a superbly balanced and example of new pop, with the bonus of a lyric that tackles personal issues that are resolutely universal also. As Angelika says about the new track: ‘I want to send a message of hope and inspiration for people and give a glimpse of my world that tells the listener that whatever they go through, there are always ways out of it. It’s a song of strength that I managed to acquire after a hard battle from a period in my life, but whatever this world throws at you, you will always be able to pick yourself up’. The track begins with a synth line that broadens into an electro soundscape, but soon becomes a song with hooks, an introspective lyric and the various lush textures that set this track apart from the current crop of contemporary pop releases. As Angelika has said about her influences and the various ingredients that go into making her music such a unique artform: ‘Having my own experiences in life, I can relate to all types of people and because of this I can write to a larger audience. I am Greek/Cypriot/Armenian so understanding the European side of music too broadens my ability to work with artists from around the world’. And these experiences are cleverly and acutely harnessed in Hearts Alight, where the idea of independence and joy co-exist. With Hearts Alight Angelika has neatly balanced the mainstream pop side of her creativity with another which explores less obvious characteristics and that’s what makes this track and Angelika such a fresh and exciting addition to the Australian music scene.


THEAUSSIEWORD.COM Single Review: RAS BANAMUNGU & The Det-n-ators International – Smiling Face of Australia

Smiling Face of Australia is the new release for Idi (Ras) Banamungu, the West Australian based vocalist, songwriter, percussionist and music therapist, and the follow-up to his hugely successful single My Sunshine. The new track is once again a stirring combination of roots music, blues and Afrobeat and as the title suggests, overflowing with positive energy and captivating style. As Idi has said about the new track: ‘This song is like my short review telling the whole world how beautiful Australia is, how good the Australian people are and how well they manage to share their happiness to all people from all nations and all cultures. Australia is a multi-cultural country, but people live in peace. In this I express my emotions, how I love Australian people.’ Smiling Face of Australia gives the listener a unique musical experience, one that contains urgency, soul, and a strong message. Ras Banamungu and The Det-n-ators International are an exciting live act that incorporates dancers and backing vocalists. Having also won the prestigious Akademia award and Poze productions award for best album and EP with I am Messenjah and Let’s Make our Business Forgiveness, the celebrated Rastafarian was also awarded for his heart-stopping live performance at the Coast to Coast awards in Melbourne 2019. From the opening dynamism to the seductive chorus hook, Smiling Face of Australia will reel you in. And when one considers the motivation behind the track, one can only be swept along with the tide of good feeling. When asked about his sound the enigmatic musician says: ‘I think it’s wide open for a brand-new sound and that’s where I come in. My African and reggae influences blend well with western rock and pop influences, they work perfectly. I baptized my style Shakalaka Doo.’ And there you have it, Shakalaka Doo as heard in Smiling Face of Australia.


NEW MUSIC: Danny McMartin – Surf My Life Away

Danny delivers a tsunami of luscious surf rock with his next single,
The challenges of COVID may have removed his opportunity to tour but it has allowed him to channel all of his creativity towards producing this optimistic anthem for 2020.

Conceived in isolation, the feel-good inclusive party vibes that ‘Surf My Life Away’ evokes was in direct response to keeping hope alive when faced with adversity. It’s an instrumental anthem for the optimist who digs the traditions of Surf Rock. The song is an affirmation of life; serving as the catalyst for listeners to feel motivated and start to pursue their own personal goals. Plans are in the pipeline with several surf film makers to feature ‘Surf My Life Away’ to enhance their cinematic creations.

You may not be able to travel to the far-flung destination of your dreams but Surf My Life Away will provide you with the escape that you need. This new single is the breath of fresh air that everyone is waiting for after enduring the events of the past year.


Australia’s pop princess Kylie Minogue has topped the ARIA Charts with her latest album DISCO debuting at #1 this week. 

DISCO is Kylie’s seventh #1 album in Australia, and her third in as many years, following Golden in 2018 and Step Back In Time in 2019. It firmly cements her status as Australia’s highest selling female artist, holding the record for the most ARA #1 albums by an Australian female artist, and 80 million albums sold worldwide.

DISCO has also topped the charts in the UK, setting a new chart record as Kylie becomes the first female artist to score a UK #1 album in five consecutive decades. 

DISCO came in at #9 on the New Zealand chart, which is Kylie’s highest chart position in New Zealand since 2001’s Fever

Mushroom Group chairman Michael Gudinski is thrilled to see Kylie achieve another #1 album. “Kylie signed to Mushroom when she was 18 and I couldn’t be prouder to be part of her continuing success. It is a testament to what an incredible artist Kylie is. Her passion and work ethic to make this album through COVID shows her commitment. As Kylie herself said to me, “it’s hard yakka but I’m so committed to this, and I miss Australia.””

Kylie Minogue

Album out now
through Liberator Music/BMG
Available to buy/stream here

DISCO tracklisting:
1. Magic
2. Miss A Thing
3. Real Groove
4. Monday Blues
5. Supernova
6. Say Something
7. Last Chance
8. I Love It
9. Where Does The DJ Go?
10. Dance Floor Darling
11. Unstoppable
12. Celebrate You
13. Till You Love Somebody (Bonus Track)
14. Fine Wine (Bonus Track)
15. Hey Lonely (Bonus Track)
16. Spotlight (Bonus Track)

13 November, 2020 | #FridayFever Kylie Minogue ‘DISCO’ Music Special | 97.9 FM

On Friday Fever this week, we celebrate the release of Kylie Minogue’s new album ‘DISCO’. It’s a 2 hour non-stop KYLIE music marathon with Brian Peel on 97.9 FM.

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06 November, 2020 | #FridayFever Bruce Springsteen Interview & Music Special | 97.9 FM

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U.S. performer Bruce Springsteen plays his Fender Telecaster guitar while singing his hit song “Born in the U.S.A.” as he completed his world tour at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in September 1985. (AP Photo/Lennox McLendon)