Electrifying Perth duo Scarlet’s Way return with a brand new song ‘Tell Me It’s Over’.  Comprised of the talented Katey Gabel (Lead Vocals) and the highly regarded Shayne Savic (Guitar) the duo’s trademark southern, roots-inspired vocals have once again shone through on this powerful anthem which focuses on the inevitable fall of a relationship. Continue reading SCARLET’S WAY RELEASE BRAND NEW SINGLE ‘TELL ME IT’S OVER’

Drake Jensen feat. Rob Preuss // THE AUSSIE WORD SINGLE REVIEW – Burn The Floor

Drake Jensen’s history is impressive, not only is he a country music star but he’s also a leader in the LGBTQ community and with the launch of his debut album, On My Way To Finding You in 2011, the first video featured an LGBTQ love theme, which caught the attention of Andy Towle of Towleroad, who named him one of the Top 50 Comings Out of 2012.

Since then, he’s released three studio albums: OUTlaw in 2013, Retro in 2014 and Sideshow in 2018. Some noteworthy single releases from these albums include Scars That You Can’t See, the anti-bullying track which was launched at Nashville’s Hard Rock Café during Nashville Pride and Where Ever Love Takes Us, which broke into the Australian Country Top40 and was turned into the line dance Waves of Love by renowned Irish choreographer Gary O’Reilly. This notoriety earned Drake Jensen recognition for his contribution to the LGBTQ community, as well as a notable reference in the book David Bowie Made Me Gay – 100 Years of LGBTQ Music History by Darryl W Bullock.
Now he’s just dropped Burn The Floor, a country crossover track that blends country, pop and dance into a supercharged genre-defying musical experience. It features strong melodies and a direct relatable lyric and is imbued with a sense of fun and carefree panache. Drake collaborated with Nova Scotia LBGTQ singer/songwriter/producer Jon Hemingway and Rob Preuss, former keyboardist of The Spoons and Honeymoon Suite, and former Associate Musical Director for Mamma Mia on Broadway on this innovative new track. Burn The Floor is sure to be the next global crossover hit and worth checking out. Drake Jensen is a new breed of music artist, the kind who defies categorization: he’s a country singer, musician and songwriter whose work transcends genres and demographics and his latest release Burn The Floor is a must for lovers of country and pop.

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How and where did it all begin for you? What drew your interest to the music industry? Music is the first thing I really remember about myself in life. I think it was there from the very beginning. I was the kind of kid playing records, singing and dancing rather than watching TV. Music has such amazing power to it. It can reassure you, understand you and change you. It really resonated with me (pardon the pun), so I really couldn’t help but be drawn to it. Continue reading SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Hunter Kaine


This band out of Melbourne have been quiet of late after releasing three impressive singles including Vaccine (finalist in two categories of the USA Songwriting Competition), Black Mass (#09 debut iTunes rock charts, Top 5 AMRAP) and Killer (top ten iTunes alternative charts, Top 5 AMRAP). Fronted by Glenn Patrick Collegians’ latest is part melancholic anthemic pop-rock and part indie rawness. It is perhaps a logical leap from their previous singles regarding style, utilising more organic elements than before without forgoing the synth and key embellishments that made their sound effective in the first place. The Valley, which was mixed by Grammy-nominated Travis Ference (Imagine Dragons, Eagles of Death Metal, St. Vincent), is a well- balanced blend of aspects that make this act difficult to label; they utilise strong melodic parts and surround them with energetic performances and high production values. The Valley sounds larger than life yet its lyrical content draws on a strange kind of intimacy also. As Glenn says of the song, ‘With this track we really wanted to merge the two sides of the band, to bring together the more deliberate and meditative side and marry that to the raw immediacy of our live set’. So it’s that intimacy playing against a live quality that differentiates it from their other releases. Making the most of an ambiguous lyric, with such lines as ‘Just let go till you fall’ or ‘bodies being fooled by spirit’, The Valley seems to want to have it both ways; a big bold rock record that aims to communicate via its stomping, stadium feel pulse while trying to reach a deeper level of reflection. The Valley is a multilayered, vivid encapsulation of a band refining their style, exploring the balance between the elastic intonations of pop and the more dramatic aspects of rock. This is a band on an interesting trajectory and no doubt The Valley will help in opening up their appeal, satisfying the pop listeners as well as appeasing the more discerning indie-rock listeners.


The new single release for Australian band Taste is called Stand Up and it comes after their 2008 album Rock Is Dead. Taste is a very well-respected rock band that has achieved some amazing things during their career. When they were in their teens they signed to Warner Bros (the youngest act signed by them) and released two albums and a series of top ten singles including Tickle Your Fancy, Little Romance and Boys Will Be Boys, which was adopted by Queen in their warm-up music before their shows. Taste went on to share the stage with Queen and was requested by the band to join them on a US tour. Since that time Taste has maintained a devoted fan base and after one listen to Stand Up you’ll know why. The song is a big tune, a passionate stadium-sized track that is as inspiring as it is moving. There are some great melodic lines here, with the chorus an ultra-catchy blend of pop, rock and contemporary sounds. It’s a foot-stomper with heart, focusing on self-determination and personal grit. Vocalist Ken Murdoch knows how to wrench all the meaning from the lyric, which many will relate to, with a broad dynamic range at his disposal he manages to steer the track to great heights. The instrumentation is also noteworthy, with effective use of evocative guitar lines and a prudent approach to the drums, the stops and starts allowing the song’s momentum to build. This record is a clever amalgamation of a myriad of styles the band is best known for: the foundational elements of pop and rock, with a hint of glam which signposts their distinguished past. There is every chance that Stand Up will get a lot of attention from commercial radio and streaming playlists, and not only for the song’s timely arrival but for the fact that it’s an instantly memorable piece of highly satisfying music.

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