25 April, 2019 – Episode 129: #MorningShow989 4 Hour Australian Music Special with Guests MAXO, Toni Childs, Megan Sidwell, Jacob Fitzgerald, Guy Walker & Famous Will

It’s a supersized bumper 4 hour edition of #MorningShow989 this week. Nothing but Aussie music together with six special guests and a 11am pause to remember our fallen Anzac heroes. Toni Childs speaks about her latest Australian Retrospective Tour, MAXO drives in from Canberra with his latest music offerings, while local Melbourne artists Megan Sidwell, Jacob Fitzgerald and Famous Will share news and vocals on their latest work. Melbourne Football Club’s Guy Walker returns to serve up the latest from Demonland.  It’s a massive episode along with great music and some fine local talent.

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