Having spent the last year busking full time in Melbourne’s CBD, Brisbane-born Dalli is proud to release his debut single ‘Who Are You’. Spanning lush electronic elements and emotionally textured vocals, ‘Who Are You’ is a solemn and celebratory psalm to the immovable sense of self within, untethered from external forces.

Written along the Great Ocean Road, at a time when Dalli was grappling with notions of self, identity and attachment, ‘Who Are You’ is a heavy hitting experimental pop song that reveals a songwriter with a powerful ability to deliver profound themes through rich, opulent song writing.

Dalli says when he wrote ‘Who Are You’ he was going through a messy split with his then-partner, was barely making enough money from busking to get by and had let a big music opportunity slip through his fingers. “I had no idea who I was without these things that I had so intricately tied around my sense of self. I went down the Great Ocean Road, camped alone for a couple of nights and meditated. I sat in this empty, dark place for a long time and discovered something totally solid and unmoving. Underneath all the confusion, fear and emptiness there was a stillness and strength within me, because it was completely separate from all those things I’d previously thought made up me.”

Pivotal moments like these have punctuated the journey that led Dalli from law school to a career in music, which has included supporting Thelma Plum on her national tour a few years ago. “Just before completing my second year, five of my family members were in a light aircraft crash. The tragedy threw me into a completely new perspective, and showed me how fleeting life can be. I decided if I could die unexpectedly tomorrow I better go out doing something I love. I literally packed all my stuff after the funeral and drove to Melbourne to start a new life in music.”

With its sweeping, panoramic sound and confessionary lyrics ‘Who Are You’ is one of those rare songs that blurs the boundaries between the fiercely private and the interconnected consciousness knitting us all together.

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