Having spent the last year busking full time in Melbourne’s CBD, Brisbane-born Dalli is proud to release his debut single ‘Who Are You’. Spanning lush electronic elements and emotionally textured vocals, ‘Who Are You’ is a solemn and celebratory psalm to the immovable sense of self within, untethered from external forces. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: DALLI ‘Who Are You’

April 26, 2018 – Episode 91: #MorningShow989 with special guest Matt Wills & Avicii Music Tribute.

#MorningShow989 this week celebrates the work of Avicii who sadly passed away suddenly last week, we revisit a bunch of Avicii tracks and pay tribute to one of the world’s greatest DJ’s. Joining us at 8:40am is UK sensation, singer/songwriter Matt Wills who joins us for his first ever Australian interview plus the premiere of his latest work off the new album Cigarettes & City Lights – we spin Lights Out and Wallflower, plus we push play on a bunch of fresh new tunes! Continue reading April 26, 2018 – Episode 91: #MorningShow989 with special guest Matt Wills & Avicii Music Tribute.

Special Interview: British India goes one on one with Nic Wilson from British India!

Tell us how it all started for British India. What had you guys first interested in music? British India started like most bands worth their salt, in the mouldy back room at the drummers house. Music was a no brainer for all of us. It’s not something you should make an effort to be interested in, it’s a hunger that needs to be satiated.

What motivates or influences British India’s quest to make great music? I think you answered your question yourself. That’s our drive, to make great music. We’re not sure if we have achieved that yet but it’s not from lack of trying.

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Special Interview: Siore catches up with Melbourne’s Siore.

Give us an introduction. How did it all begin? What had you first interested in music? SIORE is an Indie pop duo from Melbourne that formed with Jessica (vocals) and Paul (guitar and keyboard). We initially met on an online music forum and within a few months had over a dozen original songs and performed them at any opportunity we could at various venues and open mic nights around Melbourne. We are both deeply interested and passionate about music, which has always been the core driver and foundation of everything we do. Paul’s first experiences of music was at age seven when his sister would teach him songs that she had been learning in her guitar lessons. Jessica sang in choirs from the age of five, and had a passion for writing lyrics and songs from an early age. She has early memories of her father playing blues on the stereo when her mother was out so loud the windows would shake and they would dance on the furniture. A life long love of playing and listening to music developed for both.

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April 19, 2018 – Episode 90: #MorningShow989 with special guests ‘Keeks’ Ciara Muscat & Lavinia Tosev

#MorningShow989 this week welcomes special guests ‘Keeks’ Ciara Muscat and Lavinia Tosev two Australian artists from Vocal Art Studios in Airport West, Melbourne. We spin a bunch of fresh hits plus some #ThrowbackThursday classics from the vault. Continue reading April 19, 2018 – Episode 90: #MorningShow989 with special guests ‘Keeks’ Ciara Muscat & Lavinia Tosev

April 12, 2018 – Episode 89: #MorningShow989 Kylie Minogue #Golden – 2 Hour Music Special

This week #MorningShow989 celebrates the release of Kylie Minogue’s latest masterpiece ‘Golden’. It’s a 2 hour non-stop Kylie-thon! Spinning tracks from the new album to those retro Kylie tunes from the #ThrowbackThursday vault!

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Catch this weeks Kylie Minogue 2 hour #Golden music special on #MorningShow989.



Special Interview: Kate Usher & The Sturdy Souls special interview with New York City’s Kate Usher & The Sturdy Souls

Give us an introduction. How did it all begin? What had you first interested in music? Since childhood my favorite thing to do was sing, both behind closed doors (aka the shower) or in front of whomever wanted to listen. My sister and I used to sing to the soundtrack of “A Walk To Remember” and my brother would be the judge. In my tween years, I fell in love with the infamous Hannah Montana thus sparking my love for pop music. As I got older I developed a deeper love for music and its many genres. In college I became the lead singer of a 34 piece Jazz band. Although college became rather lifeless to me; I knew I wanted more. Fortunately, I met Kevin (lead guitarist) on the beach playing his harmonica. After that the rest became history. I left college, moved out to Montauk, and began pursuing my career as a full time musician. I haven’t looked back since.  


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April 5, 2018 – Episode 88: #MorningShow989 2 Hour #ThrowbackThursday Special

#MorningShow989 this week spins 2 hours of your favourite #ThrowbackThursday classics! Listen out for INXS, Janet Jackson, Lionel Richie, Sonia, Natalie Imbruglia, Joshua Madison, Technotronic, Simply Red, Madonna, KYLIE, Gloria Estefan, Savage Garden, Sheena Easton, Mike and the Mechanics & more!  Continue reading April 5, 2018 – Episode 88: #MorningShow989 2 Hour #ThrowbackThursday Special

Special Interview: MASTIN goes one on one with one of Australia’s most exciting new voices in rock ‘n roll — MASTIN!

Give us an introduction. How did it all begin? What had you first interested in music? I’ve always been singing, since I figured out how to. I guess my first step to taking it a little more seriously was when my family moved over from England. I remember getting to school here, obviously not knowing anyone and being a bit more rowdy than most kids being where we are from, and on top of that my accent made it really difficult to get to know anyone or to make friends easily. I had a guitar I had brought over with me that I’d never played, dad insisted I bring it, and I’m glad I did because it became my only friend at that point. I’d sit whenever I had a moment and practiced and wrote songs, most the time they were absolutely shit haha, but it gave me some point of communication with the world and that’s all I needed and all I was looking for. From there I understood why I was so connected to music, even at a young age I had a relationship with music that seems profound and gave me a better set of skills and a vocabulary to describe how I felt at my core.

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