NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Cub Sport ‘Crush’

The last twelve months have been a dream for Brisbane’s Cub Sport. Between lead singer Tim Nelson and Keys player Sam Netterfield coming out and getting engaged, to releasing their honest and emotional second album ‘BATS’, to selling out EVERY SHOW of their biggest and most exciting Australian tour and getting ready to head to North America and then UK and Europe… For an independent and self-managed band, that’s a pretty huge accomplishment.

While in California a few months ago, Tim and Sam shot this beautiful video for “Crush” with director Brittney Scott at Joshua Tree, a song about finally revealing their true feelings and embracing their love for each other.

“Crush is about the night that completely changed the course of our lives and the enormous wave of emotions it brought on; happiness, relief, an instant regret for not saying something sooner and guilt that my struggles to embrace my true self had left Bolan hanging in limbo”, says Nelson

“The shot where we’re walking towards each other along the freeway feels like an apt metaphor for finding our way to each other over time. The editing really represents the two-steps-forward, one-step-back nature of our journey towards self-acceptance and each other.”


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