NEW MUSIC: Harts ‘Power’

Musical phenomenon Darren Hart, aka Harts, has already had a huge year in 2016.

Having released two massive singles in ‘Peculiar’ and ‘Power’, he’s been touring non-stop both locally and internationally, including a barnstorming UK and European tour, and a triumphant return to the hallowed Splendour In The Grass stage last month, playing a spectacular set backed by a horn section and driving fans wild with his captivating, on-stage showmanship.

All that hype and build-up has served as the perfect intro to Harts’ latest album, Smoke Fire Hope Desire – which is set for release September 16 via Dew Process/UMA. Recorded in Hart’s home studio in Melbourne, the LP is the culmination of the often labeled “one-man music-making machine”, (he writes everything, plays all the instruments, records and produces all his music single-handedly) spending the past few years developing his sound, both on the road and in the studio.

The record is the sound of an artist who has locked his musical identity and his voice into his sights. As Harts says, he’s allowed himself to be influenced by, “a lot of what I was seeing in the world around me – very current day issues, mixed with my own thoughts and challenges in my life.” The result is a record that seems destined to find success on both a local and a global level.

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