NEW MUSIC: Vaudeville Smash ‘Laura’

The explosive Vaudeville Smash have announced their irresistible new single Laura, about a wild, untamed man-eater – and the men who welcome the imminent heartbreak – out August 12 .  The enigmatic group have also announced the silky video for Laura that is sure to make your heart race and your senses reel… Laura is the first taste of The Gift, the brand new album from Vaudeville Smash, to be released on August 26.   To celebrate, the band will be hitting the road in August and September on a monster national tour, kicking off at the Townsville Cultural Fest on August 19-21, then moving through  Brisbane, Noosa, Brunswick Heads, Adelaide, Melbourne and finishing up at The Oxford Circus in Sydney on October 1.

Peppered with staccato flute and held down by an unshakeable rhythm section, Laura is a percussive, pop/funk masterpiece – something we have come to expect from Vaudeville Smash.  Lush, sprawling, yet characterised by a conciseness that only the most skilled musicians can master, Laura is completely and utterly tantalising – just like its namesake.  Of the track, Marc Lucchesi (lead vocals/saxophone/ flute) says, “Laura is fictional, but is inspired by all the men (or women) who have been eaten up and spat out.  It’s a musical journey:  flute, synth, slap bass, funk, horns, falsetto.  It’s got plenty of hooks but a really interesting song structure – it doesn’t follow your usual verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus vibe.  We love the fact that it’s so different.”

Directed by Chris Mitchell of Floating World Films (Hopium, Sex on Toast) and starring dancer Shivawn Joubert as Laura, the clip is set in a smokey nightclub and features the band performing live alongside Joubert.  The group plays and Laura dances and writhes, all in order to impress the Cruella Deville-esque nightclub owner and her partner ‘Riki Pedia’.  Of the video, Lucchesi enthuses, “We’ve made quite a few videos, but have yet to make one of us playing live.  It’s dynamic, looks beautiful, and really shows everyone what we are as a band.”

Self-produced and mixed by John Castle (Megan Washington, Vance Joy, The Bamboos), Vaudeville Smash’s new album The Gift really is just that – a synth heavy, sax-laden, bass induced gift. The album is a contemporary reworking of the early 80s funk/boogie scene and evokes visions of Cameo, Midnight Star and The Gap Band and encompasses almost two years of writing, recording and touring.  Thrilled to be releasing the new songs into the world, Lucchesi says, “We wanted the album to be fun and exciting.  We wanted to take people on a journey from the frantic, pumping beat of Laura, to the slow jam of Driving Me Wild.  From heartfelt to silly!  Some songs are inspired by actual events, while others talk of Drunken Cowgirls…  All of the songs, even those fictional, are born of the different experiences life chucks at you.”

With over four million views on their video for Zinedine Zidane, there’s no question that fans will turn out for the national tour to celebrate The Gift.  With countless international shows under their belt, the band are an experienced, eclectic machine, with an inexaustable reservoir of passion and energy.  Excited to be bringing the new album to the fans, Lucchesi says, “Our live show has been slowly crafted into something I’m extremely proud of and confident with.  Each member has his own ‘gift’ and offers something really unique.  Someone that hasn’t seen us can expect to go crazy, dance like an absolute lunatic and be lifted by the energy of an explosive band and the smiling crowd around them.”

Vaudeville Smash is Marc Lucchesi, Dan Lucchesi, Luca Lucchesi, James Bowers and Marty Lubran.

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