NEW MUSIC: Michaela May ‘Lights Out’

A word from Michaela May.. 

“‘Lights Out’ is about a relationship that has lost it’s spark and has gone stale. Neither party is getting what they need anymore. But even though times are tough, the song is about not giving up on the relationship. I wrote this song pulling from personal experience, but also because i think it’s such a common occurrence in long term relationships –  you both love each other but you’ve drifted apart; so how do you get back to being ‘crazy in love?’ ‘Lights Out’ was produced by Australian producer Tom Diesel (Danni Minogue/Russell Crowe).  This song is one of the most vulnerable tracks on the EP,  and like my previous single ‘1954’, I wanted to take a very common, real situation and experience, and put it into a song.  The video was shot in February. I wanted this video to have a sweetness to it, a vulnerability, but maintain the strength of not giving up and being determined to make the relationship work. The video was done entirely by Tom and myself. We wrote the treatment, found a warehouse to shoot in, I used my own clothes and just did the performance pieces against different projected imagery. Everything I’ve done in my music career is completely independent; self funded, self managed. It has been an evolutionary part of my journey as an artist and songwriter and I’m loving every minute! Look out for a new EP next month”

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