New Music: DANI ‘Love U More’

After spending years in the studio with various projects, DANI is now ready to unveil unreleased music from new solo venture, “DANI”.  Needless to say, it was a long time coming..

In the video for “Love U More” we’ve also created a visual story comprised of striking metaphors and symbols. These symbols represent a time and place where I endured the most heartache, pain and anxiety in my life. I used to be in a relationship with a drug addict. I felt the direct push and pull of love. One day he loved me, the next he was out the door looking for his fix. I stayed in the relationship because I wanted to ‘save him’ and help him get better. I didn’t realize giving him all my energy and time was only sucking me dry of my own wants and dreams. I spent many years allowing this person to hold me back from my success and financially being able to launch my career.  Whenever I write songs, I revert back to this time as it was such a substantial and revolutionary time in my life. I felt the trivial ups and downs as they crashed through my soul. Although there were heartaches, I learnt how to love myself.  Music was my only medicine and with that I feel that was my way of getting through that hell hole i’d put myself in. Any song I write for this project will be with this theme as it’s the most harsh part of my life. I believe people can relate to this and want to hear about it. Love is cliche for a reason. “Love U More”, was actually written two years ago at my first writing session with producer, Omar Khan. Unfortunately, one night Omar’s laptop was stolen and on it were all of the song’s precious stems for “Love U More”.  After trying to re-build and re-record the song; never achieving the same vibe we initially had, we decided to master the demo version and release it as is.After the release of “Love U More” I plan to release an additional song and video every couple months for the next year until the full album is complete. – DANI


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