New Music: Fraser Churchill ‘Live At Livingston Studios’ EP

A career as a musician was always inevitable for 24 year old Fraser Churchill. His father, an acclaimed musician and professor at London’s Royal Academy of Music, introduced his impressionable young song to jazz and gospel at a tender age, taking Fraser along to his performances and allowing him to do his homework while watching his father rehearse and sleep during the performance. Throw into the equation a mother who enjoyed her own success as a singer and guitarist and the start of Fraser’s musical journey was born.

Although he was surrounded by music from a young age, it was not until his parents’ divorce that he turned to drumming, followed by the guitar. At 13 he started penning his owns songs to understand his feelings. By his late teens he had experimented with rock, and moved on to form the distinctive rhythmic playing style he is hailed for today. A stint at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), where Paul McCartney personally praised his ability and invited him to a writing session, where he also offered him performing advice.

After taking time out in the States, he returned to the UK armed with a Martin guitar gifted to him by the Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson, who had not only met him at one of the golf events he performed at to fund his year out, but also gave him a private golf lesson.

Having explored the back catalogues of Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra during his work as a covers artist, his own sound also draws inspiration from John Mayer, Steely Dan and John Legend. His three track EP, Live at Livingston Studios, which was recorded in just 12 hours, demonstrates a flair for a radio sound that will set the hearts fluttering.

A soulful jazz performer with a pop sensibility, Fraser is ready to make a big impression.

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