New Music: Sharn ‘Born’

Sharn is a 26 year old singer/songwriter from Wellington NZ. Creating original music and writing songs inspired by his perspective of life. With a unique sound and soulful voice he’ll take you on a journey into his mind, sharing messages of peace and freedom of self expression to the world.

Sharn’s self produced song “Born” was recorded and mixed by Dr Lee Prebble at The Surgery Studios in Feb 2016. 

“Travelling to the deepest parts of my mind, I began questioning my own reality. Starting to explore reincarnation and what it means to me, I sing about déjà vu and soul connections in my latest single ‘Born’,” says the singer/producer.

Inspired by Life and the Unknown, Sharn’s new single “Born” talks about who we are in this world and questions the reality we live in. The electronic-soul vibe brings a moment of reflection as you listen and create your own meaning to the messages within the music.

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