New Music: Digitalism ‘Go Time’

Saying that Hamburg hailing Digitalism’s third album ‘Mirage’ stems from “the ecstasy” of “epic trips around the globe” is no overstatement. 10 years of touring, creating and scouting inspiration have cut a path for the duo that sits somewhere between nostalgia and futurism. This comes to a head in the second single off the album, ‘Go Time’, further proof of their ever-increasing appetite for adventure.
An indisputable pre-weekend anthem, it’s a huge track. Stemming from one simple loop, it evolved into “this huge stadium indie thing” as Jence and Isi put it. Leaving any stagnant competitors well behind them, Digitalism have tapped into that Thursday-night-feeling, yearning for a weekend yet to begin. This is the theme of the track: “Let’s get Friday out of the way”, chants a euphoric chorus, deliciously raw. Taking on this mantra, John Tejada and Mumbai Science have both delivered tasty remixes, with the latter creating an inescapably bouncy sound grounded in the youthful grit of ‘Go Time’.

Taking wistful electronica to new heights, expect a contemporary indie twist that keeps hold of a good dose of synth-mania. The old school finesse of hits like ‘Zdarlight’ and ‘Pogo’ are evident in both ‘Go Time’ and first single ‘Utopia’, with a decade of knowledge gained over a career full to the brim with both live and studio magic.
“Go Time for us means ‘pressing the start button’ on your life and going for it” – and go for it they have. After a few years of doing everything from storming Coachella to a solid residency at London’s XOYO where they play live on April 28th, the album was whipped up in a cool 6 months, starting in February 2015. Its swift conception is clearly a reflection of their need to share this creative output with the world, and if ‘Go Time’ is representative of the whole album, we should be just as eager to hear it as Digitalism were to make it.

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