New Music: Laura Carbone ‘Sirens’

Looking like she walked straight out of a David Lynch movie set, Laura Carbone entices with her sharp lyrics, dark melodies and a twist of 80s/90s dark wave pop from the gospel according to PJ Harvey, Laura Branigan and Chris Isaak. Formerly the lead singer of German electro-punk outfit Deine Jugend, Laura Carbone charts her own course on her debut solo album Sirens, with stand out tracks like Heavy Heavy, Swans and Stigmatized. Clearly walking on the dark side of pop street, this album brings an unparalleled freshness to the chewing gum rock ‘n’ roll scene. Working together on Sirens with her producer Bonassis (a former member of death metal bands Pyogenesis and Liquido) at Audio Drive studio near Mannheim, Laura has developed her style with an honesty and maturity taking in all her own influences. Sirens—the mythological representation of beauty and danger with a strong  sense of feminism— is an extremely fitting title for this body of work.

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