The Jason Singh Project. Single Three: IF IT’S A DREAM

If you’ve ever loved, been loved or are in love, Jason Singh’s latest offering IF IT’S A DREAM is the emotional feel good ballad that transports you right back to that special place. This record is in every sense of the word a dream. It is a song that connects with you on an individual level as though it was written just for you. IF IT’S A DREAM is the third single from The Jason Singh Project, and once again affirms Jason’s commitment to the challenges of the project: writing, producing and releasing six new singles in 12 months. “We are at the half way point of the project and it’s been an amazing ride. I am so proud of the records and the way each one has turned out. I’ve pushed myself, and those around me, to new heights. Where I am at with the project the warmth and depth of a ballad seemed only fitting for the mid-way point.” Jason Singh was meant to write and sing this song; his flawless, smooth, dreamy vocals perfectly compliment the feel of this heartfelt ballad….. Great work Jason!


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