New Music: Jake Berry ‘Spinning Top’

On March 11th, singer-songwriter Jake Berry will release his new single titled “Spinning Top”.

His blissful new track brings a new tone to the tradition of sophisticated indie-folk, building upon artists like Red House Painters and José González. With a cross pollination of Nick Drake-esque intricate folk and some minimal jazz flavours, “Spinning Top” is a charming mix of bright overtones with soH shades of melodic warmth. 

Spinning Top” features Berry’s growing signature style of subtle ornate arrangements with dulcet vocals and seen on his previous release Glossolalia. While the song has a delicate arrangement, “Spinning Top” is one of those rare singles that combine alternative flavours with catchy vocals hooks. Including jazz influences, this single has a unique feel and arrangement unmatched by contemporary indie-folk.

On the subject matter of the track, Jake has described the track as his remedy for anxiety. He says:
“this track is about remembering the things in my life which are unshakable, unmoving and trustworthy, and looking to the past to overcome similar struggles to the present. The idea of a ‘Spinning Top’ is a visual metaphor to describe anxiety within which is constantly moving but pointlessly going nowhere. It was written at a time in my life when I was having anxiety about relationship and life circumstances that made me stop and think about the way I would respond and what that would say about me as a person. It’s a good reminder to just relax and breathe sometimes.” 

Recorded in the Blue Mountains at Queens Road Studio, “Spinning Topwas also influenced by the subtle influences from the tranquil landscape and beauty of Lawson.

After being written and arranged by Jake, the track quickly took shape after four full days of re-recording a bedroom demo. Jake will be writing and recording new music this year for his upcoming release, and performing across Sydney.

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