New Music: Powerkompany ‘Can’t Cry’

Being firmly in the second golden age of single culture, Powerkompany have thumbed their noses at the latest status quo by releasing their two-part LP Fever and Chills today. Powerkompany is a diverse melodic pop band that blends acoustic instruments with orchestral, synthetic and electronic elements, led by Marie Davon’s dynamic vocal performance that partners perfectly to the songwriting skill she developed during her tenure in the cult favorite band Venice is Sinking. Andrew Heaton supports Davon as the composer and producer, drawing both on his childhood obsession with orchestral music and subsequent years of experience as a folk and bluegrass fiddle player with the Packway Handle Band, just back from tour with Kid Rock and Foreigner. In case you didn’t think a full double LP was enough to release in one day, the band has simultaneously released the captivating video for their single “Can’t Cry” which is live right now via YouTube. “Can’t Cry” as a song will immediately be enjoyed by Kate Bush fans (and not just those who like to claim Kate Bush fandom, as is the micro trend). Davon’s vocals cloudbust far above Andrew Heaton’s orchestral platforms, with the accompanying video (directed by Directional Dimension) seems almost plucked right from an episode of Doctor Who with its lush backgrounds and powerful colors. 

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