Benji Lewis (Sound Museum Interview)

Sound Museum hosts Brian and Leo chat with Melbourne based independent singer-songwriter Benji Lewis.2015-11-09-Benji-Lewis-13-683x1024

Benji chats about growing up in a musical household, taking singing lessons, enter talent contests and honing his craft.

Benji chats about his debut single Reach You Where You Are, which was released earlier this year – gaining over 20,000 listens on Soundcloud and the stunning new single Why.

Beni talks about his forthcoming debut EP Hearts and Halos (due early next year), working with producers Jan Skubiszewski (Owl Eyes, Dan Salton, Illy) and MSquared Productions duo Michael Paynter and Michael Delorenzis (Anja Nissen, Nussy, Rachel Costanzo) and his future plans.

Follow Benji on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Listen to Benji’s tracks on Soundcloud and download the new single Why from iTunes.

Download the full Benji Lewis interview free via iTunes!

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