New Music: Junior Prom ‘Stand’

JUNIOR PROM (Mark Solomich John Paul Frank) make whip-smart Alt/pop that you can dance to. Their sound defies verbs, adjectives, and arbitrary genre divides. It needs to be heard.  There’s the sky-scraping vocal range, playful humor, and the crisp musical interplay that navigates the terrain between indie rock, punk, and dance-pop.  Following a successful year of radio success, touring, and festivals with their debut EP “Sheila Put The Knife Down,” the boys are back!

The pair don’t take themselves all that seriously—only the music. The goal is something fresh, but always fun. Where you expect them to go right, they dart left. The arrangements always twist at a slightly different angle. But everyone is invited to the party.

“It seemed I was always meeting people who wanted to be famous, but had no discernible talent. They weren’t singers, actors, artists, fire jugglers etc. They just wanted to be known worldwide for their shining personalities and fabulous lifestyles. It struck me as the oddest thing at the time, but obviously it’s been a common thing for a while now. Everybody wants to stand a little higher above the crowd. Nobody wants to be the one sitting on the porch while the party’s raging inside.” – Mark Solomich

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