New Music: RUFUS/RUFUS DU SOL ‘Say A Prayer For Me’

Here we are… Just 9 days out from album, and as RÜFÜS ready to draw the curtain on the masterpiece that is ‘Bloom’, they have but one surprise left in their third official single ‘Say A Prayer For Me’.

‘SAPFM’ is a true standout from ‘Bloom’. Where ‘You Were Right’ brought back the RÜFÜS you loved, ‘Like An Animal’ showed their capability for musical evolution, and ‘Innerbloom’ provided an avenue for pure creative genius;  ‘SAPFM’ shows something all together different, and potentially much more powerful.

While ‘SAPFM’ is undeniably RÜFÜS, it is a new kind of RÜFÜS. It’s the RÜFÜS that headlined Falls this year. It’s the RÜFUS that will play a killer slot on the 2016 Coachella. It is RÜFÜS 2016, and it’s about as good as it gets.

As we roll ever closer to this remarkable body of work ‘Bloom’, Sweat It Out are also pleased to announce that we have partnered up with Foreign Family Collective (the label owned and curated by Odesza) for the release of both ‘Say A Prayer For Me’ and ‘Bloom’ in the USA, and we couldn’t be more excited.

ODESZA’s Harrison Mills explains, “When an opportunity arose to work with RÜFÜS (DU SOL) on releasing a track through our label Foreign Family Collective, we sprung at the idea. They sent us the album to check out and we were blown away. Up until this point, FFC had only released singles. After hearing Bloom in its entirety, we knew we had to break that mold and put out the complete album. It’s one of the best albums we’ve come across in the last decade and we couldn’t be prouder to give it a home at Foreign Family Collective.”

We’ll leave the final word to Jon from the band: “We were having so much fun touring North American with Odesza and the FFC team in November. They really looked after us and one night they asked us to play our album demos for them and the FFC signing came from there. It feels right to be working with a family orientated indie-label in North America, it’s a similar set up to what we have in Australia with Sweat It Out, and all the artists there being friends and helping out.”

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